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Data and Economic Intelligence


Access to capital for emerging markets comes down the clarity investors need to effectively identify opportunities, understand markets, and price risks. Therefore, data is critical for effective policymaking in EMs. Yet its less available, more expensive, and often inadequate in many emerging economies. Therefore, our data program aggregates world's EM-oriented data, identifies gaps in informational availability, and address them.


Working with a network of contributing data scientists and tech policy analysts, the Center brings the cutting edge of big tech to traditionally slow-moving public sector actors. Our team of volunteers is going beyond adding information to the mix. CEE's data team is working to operationalize data to improve public sector decision making, simplify complex operating environments for organizations in emerging economies, and better price risk to attract greater capital flows.


New: Yuan Adoption Tracker

Status and drivers of yuan adoption across global markets and

data-driven conclusions about China's internationalization program

Active Projects

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