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Demand-Driven Research

The center sets our research agenda based on the needs of policymakers and practitioners to deliver actionable insight rather than just adding to the noise.

Dubai City View

From Sovereign Wealth to National Growth 

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Rethinking Sanctions for Multipolarity

Dealing with Demographic Collapse
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London City

Managing Sovereign Debt Distress

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Focus Areas

While the center tracks all major policy areas facing emerging markets, our core research areas focus on the root causes and potential solutions of social and political symptoms.

Sovereign Debt Management

Over 30% of the emerging world's debt has been in default since 1970 and defaults drive large increases in poverty, yet the space tends to be the realm of failed ideas and lawyers.

Private Sector Development

Employing the vast majority of people in all economies, private companies are resilient, getting the operating environment right can create a virtuous cycle.

National Competition and Innovation Policy

EMs face the middle income trap, path dependency, and races to the bottom by key corporates. Designing more effective and equitable strategies for competition is key.

Navigating Geoeconomic Fragmentation

Geopolitical fragmentation is creating hard choices for EMs from sanctions and parallel trading blocs that color continuing efforts to attract the needed capital.

Unconventional Monetary Policy

Rising borrowing costs and repeated debt crises have seen the emerging of EM central banks' asset purchase programs. Such tools bring new opportunities and risks.

Countering Illicit Economies

Low state capacity is a breeding ground for illicit actors that seek to undermine legitimate actors. From drug smuggling to transfer pricing, illicit enrichment often has a high cost for developing countries

Our Approach

CEE is a demand driven think tank, working on novel and actionable solutions to real policy challenges demands a different set of rules than for traditional think tanks


Novelty and Creativity

New ideas are critical for policy spaces defined by incremental change in an accelerating world, we strive to innovate wherever possible

Additive and Action Oriented

The Center exists to centralize and synthesize, original research is conduct when necessary and useful rather than nice and investing 

Cross Regionally Comparative

Emerging countries offer key lessons for each other once assessed together, a cross-regional, sectoral, and thematic mindset sharpens analysis 

Built for a VUCA world

Today's solution is tomorrow's failure, the Center works to constantly adapt and innovation for a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world

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